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On A Thursday Cover Art.jpeg

This is a  Blake Johnston &

Big Torrin Collaboration

On A Thursday

1. No Matta How

2. On A Thursday

3. It All Sets In

4. Initiative Purpose

5. Pretty Lady, Something To Love

6. Like Water

7. Set to Sea

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My bro Big Torrin touched down in NYC on a Thursday with purpose and the initiative to create a real and raw VA seasoned, Brooklyn cooked, hiphop, soul, and jazz project. "On A Thursday" was born in my bedroom studio in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Later, the video was directed, shot, and edited by Abi Chavez with production assistance by Hannah Hammond.

Something To Love Dance Remix Art.jpeg


Something To Love Dance Remix

This track is a soulful house remix, derived from track 5 of Blake Johnston & Big Torrin's Summer 2022 album "On A Thursday"

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