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All Things Considered

1. All I Needed

2. In My Heart

3. Soft Let Down

4. Still Love feat. CLRPKN co-prod.

5. New Friend feat. Billy Mercury, Locs & Keyz co-prod.

6. Goosebumps On Your Skin feat. Big Torrin, CLRPKN co-prod.

7. Fly By Night feat. Locs & Keyz co-prod.

8. Options

9. Fit Into My Car

10 Get You Some

11. Affirmations

12. The Sky feat. Billy Mercury, CLRPKN co-prod.

13. Kingshxt feat. Billy Mercury, Wifi Wrks co-prod.

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"Get You Some"

Dancers, BeSlap and Billy Mercury. Camera work by Samoht

instrumental version

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