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GroovemntCOVER ART.jpg

Billy Mercury - vocals, writing

Big Torrin - keys, synth bass

Chandler Nunnally - drum kit

1 W/The Groovemnt

1. I Love Music

2. The Aim

3. Lovers Then Friends

4. 1 W/The Groovemnt

5. Far Away

6. Voicemail

7. In My Eyes

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"1 W/ the Groovemnt" was created in my guest bedroom, when I was living in Virginia Beach. Around 2016 I bought an 8 input audio interface and microphones to try live recording my band The Groovemnt. Our chemistry was immediately captured in just our 1st few sessions. By 2019, I had built enough confidence in my engineering to start editing the old files. The tracks have hybrid sounds of live band rehearsal sets, phone recordings, drum programming, looping, and the layering of my own instrumentation . Half of the tracks are band renditions of some of Billy Mercury's solo work. The other half of the album, grooves and our current thoughts. The album art was created by me and captured by Cris Schafer. Cris developed the release of the project and a visual for the single "The Aim".

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